Ambient systems and multi-scale resource management

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Group leader

José Luis Zechinelli Martini (México),

Executive summary

The group PERVASIVE SYSTEMS AND MULTI-SCALE RESOURCE MANAGEMENT, coordinated by Prof. Dr. José Luis Zechinelli-Martini studies problems associated to the integration of heterogeneous data and distributed systems using data management technology (mediation, indexing, query languages, spatio-temporal models), middleware architectures and services integration on:

  • Mobile and small devices (i.e., PDA, cell phones);
  • Server grids distributed around the planet (i.e., Web, computing clusters);
  • Data spaces management;
  • Cloud computing.

Research directions include:

  • Efficient discrete and continuous data querying and exploitation;
  • Services based middleware construction, adaptable to multi-scale contexts (nomad, continuous, grid, cloud, embedded).

The group has coordinated several French Mexican projects on transactional services coordinations and data querying in intervehicular networks (resp. ORCHESTRA and UBICAR, ECOS-ANUIES program). Furthermore, the group has proposed an extension of the OQLiST language for accessing and aggregating multimedia data on the Web and is currently working on the use of incomplete knowledge for integrating such data on virtual cyberspaces.